8 Facts of Education in Finland, the Best in the World?

Finland's Flag

One of the ways to shape the nation’s character is by going to school or taking education. Each country has a different way and system of education. When viewed, the greater the global challenges, the movement in the world of education is also becoming increasingly large.

However, education becomes a big scourge when students have to face the final school test. Study tooth and nail in order to graduate with a satisfactory grade. But try to imagine if the school only lasts for 5 hours, without homework and National Examination (UN)? Maybe all your burdens are to be released and fly away somewhere.

No need to explain again how the education system in some countries works. Indeed there is nothing wrong, it is the policy of each country. Although the system actually does not make the country with the best education.

Unlike any other country, Finland has a very different education system. With this system, this country is the country with the best education in the world. Maybe some people will be surprised, why with such a system the country can carry the country with the best education in the world. Curious about what the system is? Let’s just look at the article below.

Start School at the Age of 7

In the world of education in Finland, there is a requirement if the child wants to go to school, one that must be obeyed is that the child must be 7 years old. Less than that, it cannot be accepted at school. These actions are not without reason. Finland considers the mental readiness of these children when entering the world of school

When compared in our country it is clearly very different. Even children in other countries are 3 years old, their parents are already dizzy to think which pre-school is suitable for their children. So worried that the child will be left behind if he does not quickly occupy school.

Studying is not Everything

Education in Finland has 45 minutes of study hours and 15 minutes rest. Children are not encouraged to learn continuously but are also given the opportunity to rest. Obviously this is very helpful for children more freely, because his brain can rest for a while. They are able to focus more easily and absorb lessons well.

Education is Totally Free

In Finland, there are strict rules which do not include high tuition fees. Schools everywhere are considered the same, they don’t know superior or favorite schools. Want to send their children to any school, parents do not need to bother thinking about the cost of education, because everything is free. Not only that, but schools in Finland also eliminate the cost of lunch, transportation, and health.

The Best Quality of Teacher

Being a teacher in Finland, it must go through the conditions set by the country, which is to obtain a master’s degree and the top 10 best graduates from a university. Then for someone who has had the opportunity to become a teacher by passing the tests and requirements, they will be rewarded with high salaries and various other facilities.

This was done by Finland not without reason. For this country, maintaining teacher welfare is as important as the success of a child. They believe the best teacher will give birth to successful children.

School time is 5 Hours a Day

Imagine if this happened in all countries. It must be something so happy right? Elementary School students in Finland only spend 4-5 hours per day at school. For middle and high schools, they have the same system as college kids. Where they come to school during their chosen course hours. Finland believes, with short school hours, able to increase the effectiveness and productivity of students, thus making them smart children.

No Homework!

No Homework!

In Finland, students are not given homework aka homework. If there is even that is very minimal. They actually get almost 3 times more rest time than students from other countries. Without homework, the student can freely mobilize other things outside of education, can be used to play, or learn other things that become his hobby. Children also do not feel pressured by having the burden of homework. Finns feel that learning time is good enough at school.

No Rank System

Finnish schools don’t know the name of ranking. Here, students are considered equally, no one is considered smart or stupid. This makes students freely meet other students without having to see their status in school, first or not. So the education gap in Finland is very small.

No Final Exam

The Finnish government fully trusts teachers to evaluate student learning. The government considers teachers to be able to judge 100% of each student’s ability. This makes students not depressed, they are free to hone their abilities in their respective fields. This is what makes education in Finland ranked as the best education in the world.