How Technology Influencing Education System in 2020

Technology is growing almost every year. Even in all fields, it has never been separated from technology. Even in education technology is included in it to make it easier for educators and students to receive science material.

“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.”

Heidi-Hayes Jacobs

So, teachers and students must be aligned to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Which is also able to make changes and bring benefits to the Indonesian people. With the sophistication of some of the technology currently still a trend for 2020 in the world of education. Here are some predictions of education trends in 2020.

Integrated Learning System


This integrated learning system is called the Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). A teacher can share learning materials, assignment sheets for students to do, which are given an assessment in them. This system can be connected with parents so that they can easily monitor their children’s learning development.

Using the STEAM Method


The Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) method is a new interdisciplinary learning curriculum. Through this method approach in the world of education provides learning for students to solve a problem, enhance the ability to think creatively, and encourage to produce an innovation. By using the STEAM method, students can explore concepts related to STEAM that can be applied in life.

SmartBoard or Computer Tablet

Learning to use a smartboard or tablet computer makes learning at school fun. Teachers will also be facilitated to provide interactive and multimedia-based teaching material. Teachers will easily absorb knowledge maximally.

Digital Online

The presence of digital online devices such as videos, ebooks, audio, and so on is a fun online learning solution for students. In addition, teachers can easily provide material for students to learn at school or at home. The above trends in education are expected to improve the quality of education.

In the upcoming year, more and more digital content would be available and ready to use in order to provide more efficiency in the learning methods. Internet would be the father of all sources, more online schooling will be established. But again there are a lot of different things that students will not receive via digital media, such as social interaction with other people.

It is inevitable that kids still need to go to school regardless. And of course, education still needs to provide a better ecosystem and a strong structure, other than the basic learning method that is currently being used. A system where the student can learn their best potentials without restrain, achieving their dream and make them a better person in the near future.